Could nuclear activity of such incidents as Nuclear Testing, World War II, Chernobyl, Fukushima develop a cause and effect of chromosome changes that explains gender identity issues LGBTQ as well as immune deficiency and other subtle mutations that associate distinct changes in human and animal biology — taking into account how particle matter would travel and subtract in different zones noting exposure and global weather patterns..

IT’S very concerning the current climate change situation surrounding the climate emergency has a go to reliance on nuclear power as if the entire anti-nuclear movement folds away in the process there…

For king i conquer

for home i wake

for love i stay here on the line today

where war defines us

in god i pray

tomorrow is only a day away

bullets lost

in battle

in trust

we’re mates here fighting

our reason just

Screams of genocide and injustice passes through our social media, echoing protests and division, a modern view away from the celebration of Australia

Proposal submitted to :

THE PLANNING ASSESSMENTS COMMISSION FOR INFRASTRUCTURE through both Labor & Liberal party members dated 16th JUNE, 2011


I believe in the future, a future that reflects the wants and needs of the people that install a great deal of belief in the rights and freedoms associated with the movements we make now as leaders of the world.

Environmental sustainability and development is now being seen as a diplomatic role between nations, configuring how our lives will be lived moving forward in a climate-controlled atmosphere.

I am pushing for Australia to take a progressive step in developing…

The human psyche quickly forgets the aversion to our place on this earth.. the human toll adds up after every incident..




For many war has passed us by, so we stand united bracing for the development of freedom our lives go on but the distinctions around our history remains, the will to fight from Women’s Rights, Unionisation, Vietnam, The Middle East to Racism and Climate Change our free will throws our democratic right into the face of freedom. We are passing on the traditional values of mankind brought upon by our ancestors through protest through to the indices fought for on the battle field.


Clawing on a one-sided version of facts to then pave their own path diluting the very…

Almost naked

a sight so rare

your touch is soft

I am there

you take my hand

I follow the path that grasps my heart

when our eyes lock

the whole world stops

as we lay bare

love is there

I breathe the air in despair
my lungs go on
without thought
i run
the pain i feel
not seen by some
the promise of love
is all I know

She stands alone
the phone pressed against her breast
tears flow
hope is gone
the sounds of home
distant from the life she lives
as the drugs take hold
what love is this


Intrepid Arts Australia

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